Corporate future painted on the wall: clear perspectives for entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on new opportunities + potential in the design of change processes. This is the right time for growth, profitability and value creation.

In the SEViX GROUP, passionate leaders and committed entrepreneurial personalities have teamed up in the team. As entrepreneurs they solve challenging strategy and management tasks in the business transformation process, also in the executive bodies. Our fields of activity are: increase in company value, corporate restructuring, carve-outs, merger & acquisition, post-merger integration, and company successions.
We all have profound experience, team spirit, mental robustness and a situational level of empathy. At least 15 years of line management experience and implementation experience are our asset. With passion and strong success will we are working on our business areas:


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“A straightforward and comprehensive book on how to use business transformation to increase the value of the business – For everyone, from the manager to the investor.”

Hans-Georg Haerter, former Chairman of the Board of Management Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen.

“Anyone who reads this book will feel great respect for the challenge of change, but will also receive many suggestions for its implementation.“

Bastian Frien, Managing Partner of Targecy

“The value of the company is almost in its ability to detect changes to shape and transform the business model permanently. The book shows how to become a driver of change and not a driven one. “

Prof. Dr. Henning Voepel, Managing director
Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsInstitut (HWWI)

With numerous best practice examples
Cross-industry and practice-oriented

ISBN: 978-3-95601-170-2 #4170

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The goal of the SEViX book series is making interested readers familiar with selected practical experiences from business transformation processes. Business transformation is a radical change process affecting the whole enterprise, and is essential for ensuring future prosperity.

This change process is successfully implemented by entrepreneurial personalities, who understand how to skilfully involve colleagues, employees, customers and institutions in “best-in-class value-building”.

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